Everything starts with an idea

It all started on a regular Tuesday afternoon. We don’t watch the telly so Facebook is our main news provider. There were some terrible photos spreading, devastating photos! My mother heart was crying. When I saw a call for help from another birth worker to come to Calais and help the mothers and babies, I knew I was going there!

The same day it all started and it didn’t took long for Sebastiaan to join me! Also our daughter Luna would go with us. Our family on a mission was born. We heard that there were not so many women at all, but around 3000 men who needed urgent help. Change of plans! We were gonna collect supplies for men and a little bit for mothers and children. I posted a call for help on the 1st of September.

It spreaded like an oil wildfire. So many people who felt the same way like us! There is a change going on in the world. People becoming more conscious these days and don’t believe everything the media tells them. So when we – as a ‘normal’ family – started an initiative like this that resonates with other families who couldn’t stand and just watch anymore, came in action. They came from everywhere! We were called every 5 minutes. Moms, dads, grandpa’s, grandma’s. It was overwhelming. So much love!

The goods poured in, my whole house was filled with bags and boxes. In one day! We needed to expand fast. Sebas had a contact 2 streets further with a big space where we could sort everything out. That weekend we did a whole sorting mission, very successful – everybody was super involved. We got it all (for this mission!) sorted out on Sunday night. We were ready to go!

Our mission became clear: we wanna spread love by helping others. Fear cannot stop us. If we all care a little bit more about our brothers and sisters the world would be a much better place. A beautiful place for our children to grow up. We need to rise together! The world can only heal if we stand together. We have been living solo for way too long, it’s time for change people. With ‘family on a mission’ we would love to invite you to join our family.

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