Bag to the future

A couple of weeks ago I came across the facebook page: Bag to the Future. I thought it was an incredibly smart and cute way of helping refugee children. The idea was to fill a backpack with low-weight toys to put a smile back on these faces.

I got very excited and my boys and I started sorting their toys and stuffed animals. They wanted to give away their nicest toys and teddybears, which was so cute! I bought a couple of backpacks at a local thriftstore and we took the bags to a D.R.O.P location (as they called it). I tried to get their school involved, but time was running out, so my son and I handed out these little notes with invitations to join this mission on the playground.

Some parents got very excited and joined in! This week over 6700 backpacks (the first half) will be shipped to various places in Greece and the bags will be handed out to the kids who were lucky enough to survive the boat trip and the horrible conditions on the Greek islands.


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